About Nadia

Nadia Vaad Jewelry is manufactured in Los Angeles and delicately handcrafted with the highest integrity in craftsmanship and material choice. Nadia designs each unique piece of jewelry by implementing design elements acquired from her background in architecture. Raised in Southern California, Nadia has been influenced by her world travels, especially her extended travels to the Middle East.

Inspired by the teachings of Middle Eastern philosopher and poet, Rumi, each piece of jewelry embodies inner peace through the use of individually chosen symbolic stones and written messages of hope designed by Nadia.

Nadia uses modern Farsi and Arabic calligraphy to create designs that carry messages of hope. Each word is inspired by the teachings of Rumi and symbolizes an intention for the person wearing it. All jewelry pieces are paired with the Rumi quote that was the inspiration behind the creation.This jewelry is made from words that come from the heart for everyday warriers of the heart.

Words that empower.

Believe in the Power of Words.
Believe in You.